An Actor’s Approach to Teaching

As an actor prepares to perform a role, a good presenter prepares to deliver a presentation.

When I pursued acting, I learned a lot more than just how to act, I learned valuable life skills that are critical that you can apply to all kinds of things.

When these skills are applied to the world outside of acting this leads to inventiveness and innovation.

8 Life Skills I’ve Learned as an Actor 

  1. Acting itself is communication. Actors are, if nothing else communicators.
  2. Acting is public speaking. Period.
  3. Actors know how to memorise—duh!
  4. Interview preparation is nothing compared to going through auditions. After so many audition rejections, how could an actor not be ready for a simple interview?
  5. Actors practice salesmanship constantly. Acting is to convince an audience that I am the person I am pretending to be, being persuasive is part of the job.
  6. Actors work in a team better than most because we have probably been forced to work in close proximity with all different kinds of people.
  7. Actors are great at thinking on our feet and make decisions in the heat of the moment. We have to be able to trust our instincts and improvise.
  8. Actors are forced to think about things differently and approach them from all angles. We are incredible at taking an existing idea and turning it on its head.

As an actor prepares to perform a role, a good presenter prepares to deliver a presentation.

A Global Nomad Educator

A Global Nomad Educator

After establishing myself in Singapore and experiencing firsthand one of the best education systems in the world. I decided to take my teaching on the road and bring my global adventures into the classroom.

Currently, a nomad educator, I bring a wealth of experience from working on education projects all over the world. I’ve had the opportunity to teach in diverse cultural and social contexts, from urban centres in Europe to bustling cities in Asia.

I bring the creativity and innovation of Western education, along with the emphasis on critical thinking and problem-solving of Eastern education

My teaching approach is designed to cultivate a passion for learning and inspire curiosity about the world.

This unique approach to teaching will keep you engaged and motivated, and you’ll come away with a newfound appreciation for the wonders of the world.

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